Instagram model quits social media over controversial comment.

An Instagram model on vacation in Bali has been forced to quit the social media website after receiving backlash over a single bikini post.

An Instagram model, who posted a photograph standing in a bikini whereas travelling in Bali, has been forced to quit social media due to the harsh criticism.

Natalie Schlater, from Stockholm, was slammed online after she uploaded a photograph of herself in a white bikini overlooking a rice field in Canggu, Bali.

However it was the caption that sparked the outrage.
“Thinking about how completely different my life is from the person picking in the rice field every morning,” she wrote alongside the post.

Ms. Schlater, who had around 12k followers before quitting the social media platform, angered her followers, who said the post was “insensitive”, “narcissistic” and a “humble brag”.

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Facebook got a shoutout within the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Succession’ — however not the nice kind

Sunday night’s episode of “Succession” on HBO focused round the shut-down of a fictional media startup referred to as Vaulter. The startup’s CEO blamed Facebook’s algorithmic program changes for the site’s traffic problems, which probably rang true for real-life media workers. Over the last few years, real-life digital media publishers like and LittleThings have fallen victim to Facebook changes that have de-emphasized content from publishers.

Facebook’s algorithmic program changes have affected real-life media organizations over the previous couple of years. On Sunday night’s episode of “Succession,” those changes impacted a fictional media company, too.

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