Outstanding ECommerce Holiday Social Media Campaigns to Inspire You

REI Asks You to #OptOutside

While the majority of offline as well as eCommerce shops remain open on Black Friday to make the most of sales, REI attempted an entirely different method: they closed up shop as well as went outside.

REI’s OptOutside campaign began in 2015 and was so prominent that they have continued the custom annually given that.

The project has taken place to attract 15 million individuals worldwide, together with 700 companies. They have likewise partnered with organizations as well as universities to examine the positive effects of going outdoors.

The brand has actually leveraged a simple statement: don’t stay in, go out and also enjoy the fresh air and lovely nature around you.

Trick Takeaways from REI
Do not be afraid to go against the grain. REI has actually demonstrated how powerful being different can be. Look at your niche as well as see what your competitors are doing– exactly how can you do something different to make you stick out on social media sites?

Remember not to focus on being contrary just for its own sake. REI has actually repeated that the idea of #OptOutside is a core part of their belief. Dig deep into your brand name’s approach and also what image you want to project on social networks– that core objective requires to be what you highlight.

REI wished to highlight the truth that individuals can choose, as well as they provided the alternative of going outside instead of remaining inside to make acquisitions. This reveals a deep understanding of one’s clients.

Study your consumers as well as target sectors when conceptualizing an advertising and marketing campaign for the holidays. This is what will assist you offer your audience what they require while still permitting you to be various.

Since being various isn’t adequate to make your brand stand apart from the crowd, your consumers need to see some worth in your various take on a holiday campaign.

Comprehend your audience by assessing prominent blog posts and also responses with these growth hacking devices, and also select a campaign that will talk with them.

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